........ Prague is not the place where folklore originated, like Horňácko, Valašsko, Detva or Gemer, but it is a folklore meeting place. It is where all the "winds" are blowing - Janáček´ s ditty, fujara breathing from Detva, Gypsy´s melodies from a far away steppe, Hungarian pustazs and the Balkans´ fragrance. And all these are a great opportunity to develop a musical expression, enrich a repertory and raise the audience horizons in respect of folklore music.

....... That's why the repertory of children ensemble isn't compaginated with certain typical folklore region. It is not only assembled from Moravian, Slovak, Hungarian, Rumanien and Romany folk melodies and tunes, but it contains also classical and contemporary pieces of music having their origin in folk songs.

....... Kolíček music builds its repertory, above all, on "fashioned" folklore requiring considerable skills of its players. Consequently, the musicians are able to perform, besides folk music, also classics derived from folk songs. The music of Kolicek aspires to its own voice and does not take the folklore legacy as a fossil abstracted from contemporary perception.

........ Thanks to a broad-spectrum of folklore themes presented by Kolíček music the Kolíček's repertory has became a colourful and manifold florilegium collected of Moravian, Slovak, Hungarian, Rumanian, Romany, and classical and contemporary melodies. The heart of Europe has certainly much to offer to those who wish to enjoy with us the lyrics of folksongs.

Current list of pieces playing by Kolíček ensemble:
(just click the name of song and download/listen to MP3)

1. Hudecké z Jablunkova: fiddler's melodies of Jablunkov/Moravia

2. Ztratila se kravárečka: girl's song from Lašsko/Moravia
3. Svatební z Kopanic: wedding's tunes from Kopanice/Moravia
4. Muzikanti, co děláte: Musician,what are you about? farmer's song from Kyjov/Moravia
5. Whistle tune: song from Moravské Slovácko (orchestral arrangement)
6. Co tu stojíš,Dybych já vedela: ancient dance from Lašsko/Moravia
7. Ondráš : A rebel's dance from Malenovice near Frýdlant (orchestral arrangement)
(Untermüller/Ort)                                                                              2:53 (2,80 Mb)
8. Stála Kačenka: boy´s songs from Horňácko/Moravia
9. Olafská : olah´s dance tunes from Krivany and Raslavice/Slovakia
(Ort)                                                                                                2:30 (2,40 Mb)
10. Hromy bijú: lightning strikes within a boy´s song from Detva/Slovakia
11. Luženská: orchestral arrangement of dances from Podluží /Moravia

12. Rozmarín zelený: Green Rosemary girl´s song of Myjava/Slovakia

13. Šarišské čardáše : miscellaneous csardaszok melodies from Saris a famous folklore region of Slovakia
14. Tekovský verbunk A typical recruiting dance of Tekov(lower Hron) /Slovakia
(Ort)                                                                                                3:54 (3,70 Mb)

15. Calusul: men´s dance from Oltenia/Romania

16. Písně z Banathu : Balkan´s melodies of Banath/Romania