Božena Novotná  













creatness of ensemble Kolíček and its current artistic supervisor and organizational manager.She has been working for years with childern in the sphere of folklore.Was born in the Valašské Meziříčí town situated in the typical folklore region of nord Moravia foothills of Beskydy mountains.She graduated the Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts in Ostrava.Grew up as a member of various folklore ensembles where she had been acting for long years.At the present time she is working as a music pedagogue at Elementary Art School of Ilja Hurnik in Prague Vinohrady where teaching childern to play violin and viola instrument.During her longtime pedagogical activity also a number of excellent talents have been arising from her violin classes. Many of them graduated the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague and keep their artistic career as music players soloist or address themself to educational work as well. Today she is concerned especially to work with younger children which aim is to make them the folklore tunes more familiar. Hence has created a small Malý Kolíček ensemble where she teaches very young children the correct technique of singing and playing of folk songs on stage as well as on the platform of competition.


 Ing. Milan Ort  

















Already since 1992 has been working in the group Kolíček as an organizational manager and artistic supervisor. Currently he pays more attention to the artistic area. At the same time is the author of several music arrangements which present the bulk of Kolíček’s repertoire. Also he is acting as a program manager and a dramaturgical advisor developing the concert’s scenario and taking care about the group publicity. Grew up as a student of Vojta Hruby, member of Kadanske kvarteto (czech string quartet ) and violin pedagogue who has been acting as an artistic supervisor and organizational manager in very famous czech bag-pipe music ensemble in Strakonice. Was a member of various folklore groups and ensembles, long time acted as an instrumentalist also as first violinist (primas) of various cimbalom bands. Mainly because of his membership in famous cimbalom folklore group Kytice in Prague, he is decided to be active in the folklore life, which aim is to make the folklore music familiar to the childern and to the general public. Nowadays is concerned especially with working with younger children to teach them the correct technique of playing, important for right presentation of folk songs – on stage as well as in case of the competition of folklore ensembles where also the point is to build Kolicek’s own music profile.