........ In 1990 on the ground of the Elementary Art School of Voborsky in Prague Modrany , originated a children's folklore group, under its characteristic title, Kolíček. The czech word "Kolíček" means a violin peg. It was established by Božena Novotná, actual artistic supervisor of ensemble. With her intensive effort and approach full of kindness to children, she succeeded in working up a programme of songs and tunes coming from the most characteristic regions of Moravia as well as Slovakia.

........ The first time the Kolíček ensemble has been introduced on the occasion of school concerts. Afterwards you could listen the group on the various stages in Prague, capital of Czech Republic. Kolíček has made music and time passed. The maelstrom of concerts, competitions, festivals and tours in the Czech Republic and abroad e.g. festival in Italian Riva del Garda, tours in Germany, visit of Denmark, Croatia, France, festivals in Slovakia, it concocts a rich mosaic of experiences and fables not only with a folk background.

........ Kolíček can recall unforgettable moments shared with other folklore ensembles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia making music beyond all bounds, though it is true that partnering with Slovak bands limited the Kolicek repertory to the music produced between the Váh and Dunaj rivers. It was temperamental melodies from Detva region that penetrated the souls of Kolicek musicians the most.

....... Since September 1996 the Kolíček ensemble belongs to the Elementary Art School of Ijla Hurnik in Prague. At the time one more generation of ensemble has been arised, to give the opportunity to younger kids to make folk music as well. Both groups performed paralelly then by using the same name. In January of 1997 these ensembles have achieved a significant success within the national competition of folklore groups in Czech Republic as the older one won first price in II. category of that competition.

........ Children in the group are exchanging continuously. Some are leaving and other are coming. Hence the older members of Kolíček couldn't enjoy such a success for a longer time. Their pilgrimage has dispersed each other. They have been leaving the ensemble looking for further career or study possibilities. It was the right time coming when the second generation of Kolíček ensemble took a sceptre, tradition has it that definitely.

....... The second Kolíček formation won in year 2000 and 2003 first price in I. category of the Prague competition of folklore ensembles. The success story continued when Kolíček won also first price in year 2006 in the same folklore competition with the promotion to the highest(national) competition level. Here in Breclav city of Moravia where the competition was held anually, Kolíček enjoyed of third price in II.category.Congratulation!.

........ The ensemble has become a member of the Czech Folklore Association. At the time Kolíček traveled abroad as a participant of a trip to Denmark arranged by Ilja Hurnik Art School. A colourful and manifold florilegium collected of Moravian, Slovak, Rumanian melodies, that's all has been successfully presented by Kolíček on the foreign stages as a music from Europe as far as the heart of Europe has certainly much to offer to those who wish to enjoy with us the lyrics of folksongs.

....... At the end of year 2005 one more filiation of Kolíček has been arised repeatedly, named 'Maly Kolicek' (A little Kolicek) and dedicated especially for the youngest kids, also pupils of the Ilja Hurnik Art School. Although the youngest ones are learning the art and beauty of traditional folklore afresh, they are taking rank with their older and technically more experienced colleagues. In their regular trainings, once a week, they are improving their playing skills very quickly. As a proof beyond a reasonable doubt might be mentioned award of first price within the Prague level of folklore ensemble competition with promotion to the national level of the same. Appreciation!.

....... And then, as it happens....also such success stories as mentioned, becomes almost history. Currently there are acting two generation of children ensemble. Kolíček and its little variety Malý Kolíček. We might be proud to announce you that Malý Kolíček is actually third generation of the Kolíček's history. Kolíček as a familiar name on the folklore scene, is further walking through the folklore pathways, heading towards hearts of thankful audience not only at home, but also abroad ,taking took on new trends and recovered strengths to find their own musical identity. The aim to spread smile and joy, arising from the lively spring of traditional folk culture.